astrayachtASTRA Yacht is a new company which has been successfully operating in the nautical innovation market since 2010.

The mission of ASTRA Yacht research is to develop products and technologies aimed at simplifying the sailing experience onboard by increasing safety and performances.

Astra offers a wide range of products addressed to the final consumer, and develops on demand customized technologies, goods and systems for the shipbuilding industry.

Today Astra offers a complete range of products for sailing: from professional regatta to yachting.
Their “esa” product line (esa PRO, esa Training, esaWATCH, EWTw…) is designed to be the ultimate support for professional teams who want to analyze and improve their performances in real time; it is ideal for amateur ship owners during races but also for cruisers who want to discover in a funny and intuitive way that sailing can be easier with a simple help, “as a professional instructor always at hand”.

ASTRA holds an automotive-aerospace know-how background enabling it the development of complex products, according to specific customer requirements too (e.g. BPA, EDS..).


SAILLAB sign a colaboration agreement with Astra Yacht to be a dealer and installer of their product in Slovenia.