The project of the SAILLAB Sailing school was made in desire to make possible the navigation in all weather condition for all sailors, but only in the condition that the navigation will be secure.

Our instructors have a long experience in teaching new sailors and coaching top level athletes. With them we prepared a diverse and price favorable sailing school program.

Sailing courses of SAILLAB Sailing school are hold on a sailing boat from 30 – 36 ft.


It is design for them who approach sailing for the first time or them with pour sailing experience. All the participants will learn basic sailing skills with which they will be able to perform alone short day cruises.

  • REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE – not required
  • COURSE LENGHT – six (6) days


  • knowing with a boat and fittings
  • preparing the boat for undocking and handling with ropes (knots)
  • sails preparation (main sail and jib)
  • changing the jibs
  • sails reductions (main sail)
  • sailing directions and sail trim
  • tacking and gybing
  • docking and undocking in all the ways (with engine)
  • anchoring and docking on the mark (with engine)
  • man overboard
  • theoretical and practical knowing of shore, sea, wind directions and weather
The goal of the advanced course is to consolidate the knowledge we achieved in the basic course and upgrade it with the down wind sailing with the spinnaker.

  • REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE – successful concluded BASIC COURSE or differently acquired knowledge in other sailing schools or clubs.
  • The school reserves the right to dispose you to an easier course if your knowledge is not satisfying the basic skills.
  • COURSE LENGHT – six (6) days


  • sail trim
  • spinnaker preparation – hoisting and lowering
  • gybing with spinnaker
  • docking with sails
  • nautical charts
  • day and night navigation
  • meteorology basic, engine work and maritime law
The goal of the regatta course is to participate on the regatta. The first three days the participants will sail with top world sailors. With them they will get acquainted with the team spirit and learn how top crews are sailing. Participants will learn maneuvers on boat (sailing upwind and downwind, sail trim). The fourth day will be dedicated to the preparation of the boat. During the course they will achieve basic racing rules of sailing which will be used during the regatta.

  • REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE – successful concluded ADVAN